Joshua Suetterlein

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Phone: (302) 312 3506

Resume: resume.pdf

About Me

I specialize in system software and parallel runtime technology. I recently finished my PhD degree from the University of Delaware in Computer and Electrical Engineering. My research has focused on asynchronous, fine-grain runtimes and execution models.

My most recent efforts have been to model a distributed asynchronous runtime for large scale systems to facilitate application development the design of new runtime features. Leveraging this research, I am currently working to bridge the gap between High Performance Computing (HPC) and Big Data, by incorporating in-situ analytics into an HPC runtime.

My interests are in efficient runtime development and analysis, programming models, computer architecture, and Big Data. I have experience in both HPC system software and Big Data having worked on a industrial Big Data solution, HAMR. My experience in HPC and Big Data affords me a unique perspective on system software, and motivates my programmable and efficient approach to software development.

Lastly, I was a competitive artistic roller skater for close to 20 years. During my competitive career I attained several awards, scholarships, and numerous titles including regional and national titles. I qualified to represent the United States in 6 world championships. My career as an athlete has developed my drive and commitment to the excellence of my craft. These are qualities I demonstrate in my research daily.